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Circle bar Heifer Ranch

Recoginition and Awards

Genex Platinum Award

Circle Bar Heifer Ranch, Satanta, KS
Owners: Vance and Nathan Kells

Circle Bar is a drylot heifer ranch that specializes in custom feeding heifers in a dairy-like atmosphere. The Kells raise heifers for four dairy farms with an overall pregnancy rate of 52%, a 66% conception rate on conventional semen and a 59% conception rate on sexed semen. At Circle Bar, heifers from one farm are bred entirely with conventional semen while three farms request sexed semen to be used on the first two services if a strong heat is present. The heifer ranch uses growth as a key indicator that heifers are ready to enter the breeding pen. At 380 days, heifers are measured; if they are at least 54 inches tall, they enter the breeding program. If shorter, they are measured again at 395 days and enter the breeding program if at least 52 inches in height. At 13 days in the A.I. pen, all non-inseminated heifers receive prostaglandin. Any heifers not inseminated by Day 20 are checked by the vet. The average LNM of service sires is +$553.